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Sunday, June 27, 2010

I went to the hideyhole

My new friend @informedferret (actually that's two ferrets - James and Manny) had a pawty last night and it was sooooo cool. The theme was outlaws and gangsters with the hash tag #hideyhole. Some great theme music by the wonderful DJs and some terrific barktenders were dispensing the hooch and noms.

The pawty was almost a disaster when some anipals who will remain nameless tried to use dynamite to get Georgetheduck out of jail. Almost blew George to smithereens. He survived a little singed.

Here was my pawty outfit - cause I fought the law and the law one. Even though Indiana wants me and I was part of a Band on the Run, I was able to find a safe haven in Hernando's Hideaway #hideyhole.

The pawty was to benefit the charity Heart of Ohio Ferret Association and Rescue Inc. It is not too late to donate!

My pig brother Yoda did a post about our whole family so I won't bore you by repeating. But you can read it here. He didn't pick the most flattering picture of me that's for sure!

I am joining the blog hop again this week. Looking forward to finding more pals. Yoda and I read from the same blog roll so while I will try and follow everybody's blog too, please rest assured I am reading your posts too!


Mariodacat said...

What a delightful post ceaser. ]Dat pawty was great fun for sure! We all needs to just be silly sometimes and last night was the night for it, while doing some good deed for ferrets too.

Anonymous said...

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